How to Select the Right BL Touch?

VIP Mall Official

2021-06-17 04:56:40


What is BL Touch?

BL-Touch is a smart 3D printer automatic leveling sensor based on open source code, which can accurately measure and adjust the distance between the platform and the printer nozzle in a simple and easy-to-use way to achieve automatic leveling.





Functions of BL-Touch

The function of BL-Touch is to detect and correct the distance between the nozzle and the printer platform, check the distance between the printer base and the nozzle by detecting different specific positions on the printing platform, and adjust the printing platform to the appropriate position on the XY axis






How many kinds of BL-Touch does Creality have?



According to different motherboards, it can be divided into 8-bit and 32-bit BL-Touch.
The 8-bit BL-Touch is suitable for 8-bit motherboards and has an ISP cable. It is used to connect to the computer when updating the firmware, copy the firmware in the computer and record it into the printer motherboard.
The function of the adapter board is to connect the BL-Touch cable and the motherboard, so that the BL-Touch can work well.
The 32-bit BL-Touch has no ISP cable and the adapter board, users can directly connect the BL-Touch to the motherboard with the BL-Touch cable. If you need a firmware update, you only need to use an SD card to complete it.




According to different models, we have different mounting brackets compatible with different printers.

There are 3 types of brackets available, for Ender-3/CR-20 series, Ender-5 series and CR-10 series.

PS: Ender-6 BL-Touch does not need any mounting bracket, it can be directly fixed in the fan cover of the nozzle kit.





How to choose the right BL-Touch for your printer?


First of all, you can determine which the motherboard your machine uses, 8-bit or 32-bit, and then select the appropriate BL-Touch according to your printer.

Recently, Creality has launched a universal BL-Touch suitable for all machines. It is not only compatible with Creality printers, but also can be used for printers of other brands

(PS: Customers need to print the corresponding mounting brackets by themselves)



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