3D Scanner CR-Scan 01 Premium Combo
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CR-Scan 3D Scanner
CR-Scan 01 Creality 3D Scanner
CR-Scan 01 Creality 3D Scanner Upgraded Combo
3D Scanner CR-Scan 01 Premium Combo
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1. Whats the computerconfigurationrequired? Does it support Mac system?

The minimum requirement is 8GB Ram. This product does not support Mac system, currently it only supports WIN10 64bit system.It is expected to support Mac system after the version update at the end of November


2. Does scanning speed and distance affects accuracy? Is it clearer the closer ?

As long as it is within the scanning range (400-900mm). The accuracy is the same. 

3. Can this scanner scan body parts?

This scanner can quickly scan the hands, legs, waist and other parts, and can also scan the whole body completely


4. Do I need to fill light when scanning?

 No, the scanner comes with a ring flash.

5. What formats does the model support?
STL, OBJ (including color).It can be imported into various 3d data processing software for secondary model processing.

6. Which lighting technology does the scanner use?

LED white light

7. Can the model be uploaded directly to the Creality Cloud?

Yes, models can be uploaded to the Creality Cloud with one click

8. What is the accurate scanning range of CR-Scan?

The operating distance is 400-900mm, scanning range up to 500×370mm.

9. How accurate is the scanning model?

Model accuracy 0.1mm.


10. What is the texture resolution of the scanner?

Color resolution is 1.3 million pixels,1280*1024

11. How long does it take to scan a deer?

 Generally, animal specimens are scanned, and it takes 60 seconds to scan a deer.

12. What is the smallest object and the largest object that can be scanned by the scanner?

 The smallest can scan about 20mm objects, the largest can scan 2000-5000mm objects. 


13. Which materials cannot be scanned?

The scanner can’t scan transparent objects, it needs spray developer. 

Full reflection cannot be scanned, it need spray developer. Hair, fur, and very thin objects cannot be scanned. 


14. Can mechanical cases such as remote control or mouse shells be scanned?

 Matte black can be scanned, while reflective black can not.


15. Can this scanner scan the hollow structures like animal skulls?

Hollow structure needs multi-angle scanning with lights entered.The area without lights can not be scanned.


16. Can I scan outdoors?

Yes, it needs to be in a place with weak sunlight or at dusk, and it cannot be scanned under direct sunlight.


17. Whether scanningin turntable mode needs postpoint.

 No, we scan directly when booting up, no need to post points. 


18. In turntable mode, what is the maximum weight of the turntable? What is the maximum limit for scanning objects?

Less than 0.5 meters, weight less than 5kg. 


19. What is the scanning speed?



20. What certifications does the scanner have?



21. What isscanning depth ? 
Depth is related to occlusion. The places where light cannot enter, such as the inside of shoes and the bottom of cups, cannot be scanned.


22. Does the scanned data supports to convertesource file to a step?
It can be converted into a step through third-party software. This process is called reverse engineering.


23. There is no picturewhen I start scanning 

Please refer to the manual, you need to import the Calib file in the U disk first. 


24. What is the range of  "dot pitch" parameter of the scanner?

The dot pitch is 0.2-0.5mm.

25. Why the computer shows no connection when scanning ?

The reason may be as below. Please check one by one.

1.The data cable is not plugged in. 

2.The power cord is not plugged in.

3.The data cable is not plugged into the usb3.0 interface.

4.Plug in the data cable first, then the power cable.


26Will the scanned data be realistic color?

Scanned data supports 24bit high-fidelity color reproduction, and supports color 3D model export.


27. What is the scope of thesingle scan range ?



28. How to manually align multiple poses?

Align by manually selecting  at least 3 points.


29. Choose turntable mode, click to start, theturntable does not work?

Check whether the turntable cable is connected, whether the switch on the turntable is turned on, and whether the speed control knob is turned clockwise to the end. 


30. Is there radiation when using the scanner?

LED white light, no radiation


31. Why is there no image when starting to scan?

 Check whether the scanner is connected and whether the scanned object is within the range of 500-1000mm. 


32. When the software is turnedon, the usb driver is not found?

Reasons may be as below. Please check one by one.

  1. The data cable is not plugged in
  2. The power cord is not plugged in
  3. The data cable is not plugged into the usb3.0 interface
  4. Plug in the data cable first, then the power cable


33. Why is it easy to lose files in handheld mode? How to get it back?

Please check whether the scanned object is within the range of 500-1000mm, find the feature-rich area and larger area that needs to be aligned before scanning. 


34. What is the material of the scanner?

ABS material


35. What is the input and output voltage of the product?

Input voltage: 100-240V, output voltage: 12V